A new year, a new plan

by Sarah Jane

Happy delayed New Year and welcome to my new blog! I know that I have dropped off the face of the blogging world and so my sincerest apologies are in order. I am now going to try to claw my way back into any remaining reader’s good graces with a clean blogging slate and some exciting updates.

I have returned to Italy and after spending a week being lazy and recovering from jet lag , I am ready to come back in full force.

Livio and I have been talking about getting back into shape since Christmas time, and after putting a lot of thought into it, we have decided on how to go about it. One of my favorite blogs, My New Roots, has oft-written about the benefits of cleansing or doing a detox, and that has inspired me to finally attempt one with Livio. The benefits of doing a detox are detailed in her post here. Believe it or not, she does NOT recommend fasting or giving up solid foods. It’s more about eliminating processed foods, alcohol, dairy and excess sugar and focusing on whole, seasonal foods and vegetables to get you back on track and reboot your immune system for the winter and long year ahead.

“The plan is not about deprivation, but centers around a plant-based diet loaded with flavour, colour, and vibrant, seasonal foods.”

Now, if you don’t know Livio, you may not think that this is that crazy for us. If you do know him, you are probably VERY shocked and are thinking, how did I ever convince him to do this. Livio does not, to put it simply, eat vegetables. Well, I first of all, showed him some of the pictures of the recipes:

red lentil and sweet potato soup

Baked Salmon in Coconut Broth

the real deal cereal


Well, you can see why it wasn’t too hard to convince him. I also explained to him the benefits and he was already interested in getting back into shape.

So, based on ingredient availability here in Italy and trying to accomodate Livio’s preferences, I have devised a menu plan that I think will work for us. I will be posting the recipes that we try and blog about the experience. Along with the detox menu we are also going to try to get back in shape. Nothing too crazy, just alternating runs and yoga in the mornings before he goes to work. I am going to be like his boot camp trainer :-).

Here is our ingredient list for the week:

Lots of Lemons
Onions (red and yellow)
Sweet potatoes *if we can find them*
Avocados *if we can find them*

Oats – GF
Brown rice

Dried red lentils
Dried chick peas
Dried black beans *if we find them, if not another type*

Rice wine/apple cider vinegars
Maple syrup
Almond milk
Dijon mustard
Vanilla bean
Light coconut milk *I THINK we can find this, if not, there is always regular*

Tofu *If we can find it*

So, I will be checking back in soon to let you all know how we are progressing and giving you recipes and any tips that could be useful if you want to try this as well.

Ciao for now!