Blues Pub

by Sarah Jane

Blues Pub

After the long work week, Livio and I sometimes like to hit the local pub for some drinks to relax and kick back. There is this little place nearby in Montebelluna called Blues Pub and although they don’t have any live blues music, they do have delicious bar food and cocktails as well as tons of various beers on tap.

Livio went for the Hefeweizen beer and I took a local favorite, a Spritz Aperol cocktail. A spritz is a refreshing cocktail, typical of the Veneto region composed of Prosecco (sparking white wine), Aperol or Campari, soda water and an orange slice. I also like it when they stick an olive in there but this was good nonetheless.

Spritz Aperol Weiss Beer

We also got these delicious Olive Ascolane. They are an appetizer specialty, very common in Italy but one that I haven’t seen copied too much yet in the US.

Olive Ascolane

They come form the Province of Ascoli Piceno in the Marche Region and are just large green olives stuffed with spiced mince meat and fried to a golden perfection. They are salty and meaty and very satisfying. Here is what it looks like inside!

Olive Ascolane

For our mains, Livio took a Spianata, which is like a pizza, but instead of normal dough it is a really crispy, thin flatbread. He got one with “wurstel” aka hotdogs. They usually consider pizzas with hotdogs an American thing, but I personally think it is much more common here than it is in the US to get a pizza with hotdog on top!


I got a bunless bacon hamburger with a side of fries. SO YUMMY! I never miss an opportunity to try a hamburger and this one did not disappoint!

Piatto Hamburger

There you have it- our night out at the pub! It is a fun place to unwind after a long week and also great to have a drink with friends. If you are ever in the neighborhood, although I know most of you won’t be, you should definitely try this place out!

Ciao for now!