Chicken Noodle Soup

by Sarah Jane


This is hands down the most delicious and even more importantly, the EASIEST chicken noodle soup recipe I have ever made.

I have been feeling quite under the weather this week. Thanks to a foot surgery and a cold, I have been stuck on the couch and not much has helped me feel better other than some ibuprofen and the fact that Livio is doing all of the dishes and cooking while I order him around 🙂


This soup though…now THIS will kick any cold in its butt and although it won’t help my poor foot, it sure helped me feel a LOT better. It is what I like to think of as Vietnamese Phở inspired, although really it’s not authentic like Phở other than the fact that they both incorporate rice noodles. It is a little bit spicy from the chile pepper, a little bit sweet from the hoisin and deliciously fragrant from the garlic and ginger. Oh and, it comes together in about 10 minutes if you have all of the ingredients on hand. If I haven’t convinced you yet, well, it’s also SUPER healthy and low in calories so what’s stopping you? Make this now!


Chicken noodle soup
inspired by the londoner

serves 2

2 tbsp olive oil
2 big garlic cloves, minced
4 spring onions, chopped
1 small piece fresh ginger, minced
1 small red chile, minced
2 cups shredded chicken (I used half of a store bought rotisserie chicken, bones and skin removed)
750ml (3 cups) chicken or vegetable broth
250ml (1 cup) water

3/4 tbsp hoisin sauce
2 tbsp soy sauce (I used wheat free tamari)

1 handfull fresh cilantro, chopped
1 red chili, thinly sliced

125 g (4 oz) singapore rice noodles (you can find these in the ethnic foods section of the supermarket)


1. Bring the broth and water to a boil. In another pot, heat the oil and sauté the spring onions for a few minutes until they soften. Add the garlic, ginger and minced chile pepper and sauté for one more minute.

2. Add the shredded chicken and stir it until it is thoroughly coated in the onion and garlic oil. Add the hoisin and the soy sauce.

3. Once the broth is boiling, slowly add it to the chicken and onions and allow it to come back to a boil. This should only take a minute or two. Add the noodles and cook until they are just softening, this should only take a minute or two as well- the noodles cook quickly. Serve in two big bowls and sprinkle with fresh cilantro and extra chile slices if you like it spicy!