“She believed a great happiness awaited her somewhere, and for this reason she remained calm as the days flew by.”

Gyula Krudy

My name is Sarah Jane and this is my fresh start. I would like to dedicate much more time to improving my blog, developing more varied and interesting content and generally working on it.

My story is quite convoluted and perhaps I can give a more detailed account one day if requested, but for now I will just give a brief summary:

-Studied abroad at the University of Padova in Italy where I met il mio amore, Livio.


-Moved back to Italy after graduating from UCLA and shortly after got engaged, planned a wedding and then got married!

First Dance
First Dance

I will use this space to blog about what it’s like for an American girl to live abroad in Italy- and that is the real Italy, not Rome or Florence, lovely, albeit tourist (and thus American) friendly cities. I live in a very small city called Crocetta del Montello and I am 100%, without-a-doubt the only American living here. Not to say there aren’t other Americans somewhere nearby, they are just hard to find and I have yet to find them.

So, without further ado, please enjoy my blog.

Write to me with any questions you may have, suggestions for topics to post about and general comments on what you like, etc.

Ciao for now!